Elementary kids in Brooklyn say the dangedest things

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For Old Time's Sake

I walked by the class where my former students are yesterday. They called me to come in and say hi . . .they had a sub that wasn't really containing them too well. After a short chat, Maylene says, "Mr. Rice, shush us!"

I paused for a moment and said, "Like, for old time's sake?"

"Yeah!" a bunch of them said.

So I did, but I couldn't keep a straight face. Miss those guys.

Remember Johanny?

Well she remembers me. She came to visit and next thing I know this was on my board.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Veritable Goldmine

While walking in line I stopped to pretend to choke Douglas. I like to keep them on their toes.

"That's why I have a hammer at home!" he says. "For drastic measures!" That was funny enough, but he went on. "If anyone attacks me, I'll just whack them off!"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

She learns quickly

At the end of the last writing unit, Emily told me she'd write her next piece about me. So today they're gathering ideas for personal essays. I teased her about me not being in any of her ideas so far. She laughed and said, "Your Eggo."

"My ego?"

"Yes. Your ego!" She then laughed and started writing. When I came back around, one of her ideas was "Mr. Rice is annoying."


Apparently this is the morning for treats for Mr. Rice. Roland approached me early this morning with a song and dance about how his sister is wanting to go to prom later this year, but it's expensive. So he's helping her by selling Rice Krispy Treats. It seems quasi-legal at best, but I love Rice Krispy treats so I'll allow it.

And Emily comes in and gives me and my partner each an apple. Old school, yo!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So on our way down from class today on our way to dismissal, I caught Douglas with his index finger and thumb deep inside his mouth, like some sort of mind-controlling beetle from Star Trek. I thought maybe something was stuck or he might be choking. "What's going on, Douglas?" I asked.

"I'm just trying to touch my uvula."

He needs a top hat

Fernando was performing his duties as a closet monitor this morning. He was also using the long handle of a plastic broom to do things. He then leaned on the handle and said, "I'm a fancy dude," does a little dance and tips his head, "And I think I'll do it again."