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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First day two-fer

The final impetus of me doing this were the following two statements/exchanges with one of my, we'll say more "prolific" students. This kid could have his own blog, he's always saying something amazing. I'll get into it more later, but I thought I'd start off with the first two. And because these are kids I'm working with, I won't be giving any last names or anything like that. But here is this blog's introduction to Savior. Yes, his name is Savior.

"Mr. Rice, have you read the Book of Mormon?"

"Uh, no. Have you?"

"Readin' it!" Then he walked away.

A bit later he came back up to me and said, "My birthday's soon. I want you to get me a little pamphlet of Hamlet, heh heh heh!"

I taught this class last year in fourth grade as well, and during poetry we studied, among other things, the "to be or not to be" speech. Savior took to it well (but ultimately preferred "The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock").

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