Elementary kids in Brooklyn say the dangedest things

Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Classic David

In NYC, the kids are put through these stupid standardized tests that basically choose their future for them . . .even though the only thing they learn through them is how to take a damn test. But during the ELA test, there are three sections. A mutliple choice day, a listening day, and an essay day. The end of the day of the multiple choice, I was reminding them about the next day.

"And tomorrow is the listening section, where you will hear the golden, mellifluent tones of my golden voice pouring in your honey," I said and continued.

David raised his hand. I called on him, assuming he had a pressing question. "Mithtew Writhe, your catchphrases awe getting WEIWDER and WEIWDER!"

I stopped, taken aback. "I guess, so, Dave. That was pretty weird." I continued and he raised his hand again after a few moments.

"But jutht tho you know, it wath a pretty GOOD one!"

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